Your Time of Life

These guides, provided by, Mackenzie Investments’ make up the Your Time of Life series, exploring some of the most common money issues that become priorities at different stages of our lives. They’ve associated these priorities with each decade in age as an illustration, but this is by no means a judgment on what should happen when. They do not expect everyone to stick to any prescribed life schedule. They're simply playing the averages.

The guides provide an overview of financial strategies to help investors at each stage of their lives reach their goals and to work effectively with their financial advisor.

As always if you have questions or need clarification we are always happy to discuss them with you.

Sincerely, Andrew & Peter

The 20s edition is primarily aimed at those who are just starting out – young adults who want to enjoy life but also build a foundation for their financial future. Click here.

This 30s edition acknowledges that money – or what may seem like a lack of it – becomes a red hot issue right when you want more out of life, whether that’s a house, a family or simply some financial certainty. Click here.

The 40s edition is aimed at those in their peak earning years who are coming to terms with competing financial priorities. The guide provides an overview of financial strategies for 40-plusers to help them reach their goals. Click here.

The 50s edition looks at an investor’s financial and lifestyle choices as they get set for retirement. Click here.

My apologies for anyone in the 60+ group. As you can see the Time Of Life Series only covers the age groups above. If you know of someone whom this information would pertain to I hope you will share this with them.


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