Insurance Done Right


I’d like to speak with you about an important component of any financial portfolio – insurance. As a fundamental pillar of your portfolio, insurance solutions are an integral part of my commitment to offering you comprehensive financial planning services. Insurance is often viewed as complex and confusing and, for that reason it is often overlooked or avoided altogether. But it shouldn’t be because it’s a key part of any financial plan, including yours. That is why, at HollisWealth, we have designed a convenient process that helps us create an insurance plan that protects you and your family. By working with our team, we can:

  • Inventory all your current insurance policies (including coverage through your employer)

  • Review each policy to ensure it's properly structured and fits within your overall financial plan.

  • Assess each policy to make sure the premium is still competitive

  • Conduct a needs analysis to ensure you have the correct type and amount of insurance

  • Shop the market to get the best price, should you require any additional coverage

  • Review your needs on an ongoing basis to make sure you’ve always got the right coverage.

With many changes in the insurance industry over the past several years, we feel it is a good idea to review all your existing coverage to ensure it is up to date, in case a better option is available, regardless of your age, or medical condition. Please give your insurance needs some thought and let us know if you would like to learn more about how we can better plan for and protect those who matter most to you.

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