Investor 101 Series - Part 1 Investment Accounts

In this edition of The Martens Report we bring you the first of a 4 part series we’re calling “Investor 101.” We thought this series would be a great opportunity to introduce you to material provided by our own “Private Client Research (PCR)” group of HollisWealth Inc. The PCR team is a group of investment research and financial planning professionals stationed in our Head Office. This group has traditionally been devoted to providing HollisWealth Advisors with research and tools that helps us to serve our clients best. Lately, the PCR team has broadened its focus and is now offering information specifically designed for our clients as well. Our PCR group has recently published information on a number of topics, which together make up our Investor 101 Series. These pieces provide overviews of a number on investment “basics” and core financial planning concepts. While, as advisors, we have most likely covered off many of these topics with you, we thought this would act as a great refresher. Click the image below to read our first topic, covering the various types of Investment Accounts.

Also, Stay tuned for additional topics in future issues. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you, Andrew & Peter

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