Twenty Questions for 2017

Have you thought about where you will be ten years from now in the year 2027? Thinking about your future is a key piece of any financial plan. Having a clear picture of where you want to be and what you would like your life to look like is essential in making sure you achieve it. For this issue of the Martens Report we thought we could play 20 questions, with the theme focusing on what your life will look like in the year 2027.

Please note that we have tried to structure the questions so they best cater to everyone receiving our newsletter. We have a very diverse group of clients at many different stages of life. Some questions may not apply to you, and some may be hard to think about, but the key is to think, plan and hopefully dream a little.

  1. How old will you be in 10 years?

  2. Will you be living in the same house?

  3. Will you be living in the same community?

  4. Have you mastered any new hobbies or explored any new interests?

  5. Will you still have a mortgage?

  6. Will your overall debts be lower?

  7. Will anyone be financially dependent on you?

  8. How old will your children be?

  9. Where will your children be (high school, university, career, family, retired)?

  10. What roll will you play in your kid’s life (taxi driver, empty nester, Grandma/Grandpa)?

  11. If living, how old will your parents be?

  12. Where will your parents be (still working, retired, snowbirds, retirement home)?

  13. What roll will you play in your parent’s lives?

  14. If you are working, will you still be at the same company and in the same position?

  15. Will your income be different?

  16. Will your income needs be different?

  17. Where have you traveled?

  18. Will you have crossed anything off your bucket list?

< Sorry to get a little dark here >

19. Will you still have your health? 20. Will you still be alive?

Hopefully these 20 questions will help you know yourself better and bring insight into what your life may be like 10 years from now. We are always striving to know our clients better, so you are welcome to share your answers with us, or keep them to yourself to ponder. The next step in this exercise is to think about what preparations you may need to make so you are ready for 2027. What risks might you face (such as job loss, a family illness, death of a loved one) in order to help you take measures to prepare for these risks? We would like to welcome you to discuss your plans, dreams and the risks associated to ensure your future self is completely looked after. Often times it is easy to get swept up with the demands of your immediate day-to-day life and put off thinking about your future goals and dreams. Suddenly you are 10 years down the road, but have your dreams become a reality? Thank you, Andrew & Peter

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